Sheena Brobbey


Sheena Brobbey is a Ghanaian-British Director, and multidisciplinary Senior Creative based in London. A storyteller first and visual artist second, she is drawn to narratives centred around the female experience, representations of love, dance and social impact.

Her creative practice spans motion, design, strategy and the physical space, using human insights and cultural nuance to bring a warm and imaginative energy into the world of brand campaigns, content and design.

Sheena approaches filmmaking with sensitive humility, using her experience of working in-house and agency side to place multilateral collaboration and communication at the forefront of her visual practice. Her work pays particular attention to movement, colour and light to bring authentic stories to the forefront.

Sheena has directed campaigns and branded content for Fender, Google, Soho Skin, Unlock Your City, Audible and Bumble as well as promos for Ego Ella May, Amahla, Miraa May and Tiana Blake. Whilst not a part of her current practice she has also crafted successful production designs for Dove, Avon, and the 2022 BFI Short film “Nānt”.

As a Creative, she has led branding, campaign and creative stategy for Coca-Cola, Estée Lauder, Bobbi Brown, Burberry, and Refinery29.

CV and PDF portfolio available on request.

Freelance Commercial Agent:
Corin @ The Visionaries