A global luxury hair brand with a fashion mentality 

For many women their hair is their crown and a way for them to express themselves in the world. As part of the Boho Locs scale up, I was brought in as a Creative Director to lead a complete rebrand which involved defining a brand voice that would reflect the future direction.

The rebrand was approached in three main stages, beginning with conversations with the founder to understand the DNA of the brand. The second stage was all about getting into the data, from emails and sales to reviews and customer surveys we got a real view of who the Boho Locs customer was. The third stage was all about consolidating all of our findings and putting them into action with a complete redesign of the website and a brand book.

An immersive shopping experience - .Com

Working alongside the UI designer we crafted a responsive website which aimed to immerse the consumer into through the use of continuous storytelling.

Building a community

Inspired by Boho Locs brand vision to be a community for women, we created an experience which went beyond shopping, to also educate, inspire and empower women.

Seriously functional - UX & UI

To maximise conversions to sales and retain customers, it was important for us to create a seamless shopping experience. This led us to completely redesign the product pages and checkout cart to make essential information clear and visually highlight the brands commitment to quality and trust.

In the loop - CRM

As part of the brands commitment to building a community we also did a complete rehaul of the CRM marketing strategy, identifying 12 emails which were segmented using data to keep various consumers involved in the conversation and further engaged with the brand.