Sheena Brobbey


Refitting the shape of masculinity in art: We Meet Azekel


Prior to Azkel’s EP release, we wanted to showcase his work as a multidisciplinary artist and acquaint audiences with his purpose-filled personality. Intentionally exploring themes of masculinity, motivation, legacy, and future aspirations.

An evocative introduction into the world of UK soul artist Azekel, through word, image and film.


It was important for me that we saw Azekel as a multi-faceted person - a father, a self-taught musician, an artist and a Black man raised in London. Through imagery and styling, we challenged notions of masculinity, and nurtured Azekel’s narrative of fatherly responsibilities. As a voice of his generation, I prioritised displaying his sensitive awareness, and the legacy of Azekel’s Nigerian heritage.

Using a multi-point content approach of film, fashion, and editorial, we echoed Azekel’s dynamic creative practise, and styled his world using flowers and hints of colour to reflect the hopeful, passionate tapestry of his work and values. Working with a combination of well established and up and coming London based designers, we pulled looks that felt relaxed yet refined, reflecting the grounded approach this artist embodies.