Sheena Brobbey


Moving with Mischievous Style: Cover Story of Musician Noah Cyrus


To curate the cover story of TMRW magazine’s Mischief Issue, featuring Noah Cyrus, reflecting the rule-breakers and gamechangers of today's leading UK talents. Direction to evoke confident fun, detailing Noah Cyrus’s inspirational journey.


I played with injecting mischief and artistry into the creative direction and stills for this feature, connecting with the artist and curating an environment of comfort and warmth. In keeping with my intrinsic vision as a collaborative art director, I harnessed the strength of my team and crafted a space for individual excellence.

I brought loving light and refined detailing to each still, crafting a connectivity between looks. Shot in a white cove studio on film using soft diffused lighting, we canvassed a home of stylised creativity for Noah Cyrus to sit amongst.