Sheena Brobbey



Create a brand video series which helps establish the Botanics’ visual identity, showcasing how nature can benefit mind, body and soul.


Driven by the insight that their audience is seeking new ways to connect with nature, our approach used refreshing settings, told a powerful story, and brought the product to life through sensorial art direction.

Refreshing: to inspire the audiences’ greenery fix, we chose to shoot the videos in an accessible urban environment.

Meaningful: we created a purpose-driven character for each of the talent to help build the narrative, and to help the audience connect.

Sensory: the sensorial qualities of the products were brought to life through choreography as opposed to product application.

Each film can standalone, as well as work together to create a full length narrative in a variety of formats. Music was composed for the full length narrative to help bring each beat of the story to life.