Sheena Brobbey


The Small Pick-Me-Up Moments Occurring Daily in Different Lives


Launch the new Boosters product and bring the product promise to life.


Driven by the insight that women feel underrepresented in the media industry, we wanted to reflect the day-to-day of YourGoodSkin’s audience back to them.  We chose to put the spotlight on women who give other women an everyday boost (because it’s the small pick-me-ups that can make a big difference), with a narrative-driven video series.

To bring this to life, we invited three women to each ask a woman who boosts their life to come to our studio. They celebrated the small moments they share and had the opportunity to thank each other for their boosts. This act in itself was a boost, helping to bring the product promise to life.

Our main priority for this series was to create a safe space for these women to express themselves openly and honestly which proved to be a success. We wanted to create a special experience for these women and their loved ones and that kind of authenticity went much further.

We created a mixture of assets including a mash-up video featuring all of the talent, as well as videos of the individual pairs in a variety of formats.