Music as language, where legacy and contemporary intersect

For this instalment of Fender Sessions, we travel to the iconic Richmond Theatre to team up with UK soul artist, Samm Henshaw. The emerging singer performs live acoustic versions of "Grow", "Loved By You" and "The Cafe" and talks about music as a unique form of sommunication.

Samm Henshaw is an artist who's creative past is rooted in history, from his upbringing in the church and his love of gospel music to his earliest memories of playing instruments. It was important for me to create a space that felt warm and welcoming, allowing us to capture his enigmatic personality and love of music in an authentic light.

To demonstrate where legacy and contemporary intersect, we created a soulful visual world that was inspired by the rich tones of the Fender guitars and Samm's artistic vision, which is the culmination of many parts of his history.

The 20 minute documentary employs an almost ephemeral look and feel, using filmic cues and a combination of mediums to create a raw, yet beautiful cinematic approach to storytelling. The old theatre served as the perfect backdrop to an entire universe of emotions, the magical shadows of the wings and back corridors, to the decadent chandeliers of the main theatre and the sanctity of the green room.

An interview with Samm served as the backbone, creating a moment for fans of Samm and Fender to connect on a deeper level. Punctuating the narrative were three performances captured in single takes on a steadicam. With just two other accompanying guitarists and an empty theatre, Samm's performance was Brough to light with fluid, dream-like camera movement, accentuated by stage lighting to create truly intimate performances.