The 5th

“Find your eye and connection to the subject that makes it a photo that, when people see it, they’ll know it one of yours.”

_January 2018

“Each person has their own beauty.
Either you are drawn to it as a photographer, or not.”

“I don’t think of myself as ‘a fashion person.”

I think my interest was always about people, and it still is that.”

“Not loving it right away isn’t a sign that you’ve made a terrible mistake.
It’s part of being human. Enjoyment will come as the newness fades.”

“Going in with the humility of the learning approach allows you to enjoy yourself even as you’re floundering — after all, it’s just part of the process.

The 17th

I felt confident; I felt holy.”

“I was lost in my life and was looking for a chance to be a new person
by doing the thing I was most passionate about.”