An intelligent skincare range designed for busy lifestyles

Multi-step skincare routines can be overwhelming for people with busy lifestyles that involve a lot of travel. Soho House entered the market to address this issue for their members with their new skincare range Soho Skin.

The genderless range was developed alongside scientists and members to simplify everyday skincare, by addressing needs with a gente and universal approach that gradually improves skin over time.

Deep dives into the social media profiles of Soho House members were combined with insights drawn from conversations about their lifestyles and skincare concerns to create personas related to various beauty routines.

This allowed us to craft an honest narrative alongside our members that was representative of the Soho Skin ethos. Members were shot in the Soho Rome location doing their actual routines and using the products in the ways that they each required to reflect an authentic voice back to the consumer.

We used a minimalistic shooting style for our product lifestyle and eCom stills. This approach coupled with paired back set design and minimal product styling allowed us to reflect the effortless nature of the brand.